NEW 2021 ESP E-IIs!

NEW 2021 ESP E-IIs!

My personal favorite guitar range from any manufacturer! The quality, attention to detail, specs/features, feel, playability, etc. Everything an E-II is, is what we're all about! We've been impatiently waiting for the 2021 E-II's because we we're given any new releases for 2020 because of how backed up the Japanese shop was. The wait is officially over! New Eclipses, M-II baritone 7-strings, Horizons, Horizon-IIIs and SN-2! We pretty much ordered every new E-II except for the Explorer shapes because well... Let's Rock N Roll!


E-II Eclipse Full Thickness - Tobacco Sunburst

ESP E-II Eclipse Full Thickness

A full thickness body designed after the traditionally thick LP. This has to be the best looking Tobacco Sunburst I've ever seen though. I would never purchase a Tobacco Sunburst guitar for myself because it's not my style, but the photos of this guitar has me questioning my morals. Mahogany body, Flamed Maple top, Mahogany neck, Ebony board, Fishman Fleunce Open Core Classics, Gotoh TOM & tailpiece, bone nut, Dunlop strap locks, etc. Modern take on a traditional design and color and I'm here for it. There.. I said it. Plus, this guitar has a ton of watchers on Reverb already! Full list of specs below.

Eclipse Full Thickness

E-II Eclipse - Reindeer Blue

ESP E-II Eclipse Electric Guitar

I wonder if this Reindeer Blue is going to be like in the renderings here or more like the Reindeer Blue on the Horizon-III's you see on Reverb which are more tinted towards Purple. My guess would be more like the tinted Purple finish you see on the used models out there. Still, Quilted Maple top, EMGs, Gotoh hardware, MIJ Eclipse? You know it's going to be a workhorse. Check out her full list of specs below. 


E-II Eclipse DB - Granite Sparkle

ESP E-II Eclipse DB Electric Guitar

I sure hope these Granite Sparkle guitars come out just as they look in the renderings because I'm digging this! You get a lot of flake that isn't in a really flashy, in-your-face bright color. I can get on board here! Normal suspects for specs on this guy - Mahogany body/Maple top, EMGs, Gotoh hardware, etc. Click below for the entire spec list!

Eclipse DB


E-II M-II 7B Baritone EverTune - Granite Sparkle & Pearl White

ESP E-II M-II 7B Baritone EverTune Electric Guitar

What E-II am I most excited? *See above. 7 strings, baritone, EverTune, unique finish, Fishman Moderns. Do I need to say anything else? Nah. Full list of specs below.

M-II 7B Baritone EverTune - Granite Sparkle

ESP E-II M-II 7B Baritone EverTune Electric Guitar

Looking for the more straightedge version of the Granite Sparkle? Meet the other town you could never be better than. The Pearl White finish is a more welcoming finish that you can bring home to dad. If the Granite Sparkle is a little much for you, you have this Pearl White waiting for you with the exact spec list. Check out the entire spec list below!

M-II 7B Baritone EverTune - Pearl White


E-II Horizon FR-II - Tiger Eye Sunburst & See Thru Black Cherry Sunburst

ESP E-II Horizon FR-II Electric Guitar

ESP E-II Horizon FR-II Electric Guitar

Possibly my favorite body shape from ESP! They've come out with two new finishes for the Floyd Rose version. I think I'm leaning more towards liking the Tiger Eye, but something about the Red and Black combo is calling - maybe it's because I'm an ATL fan... Quilted Maple, Floyd Rose Original, EMGs, etc. These will riff for sure! Full spec list below.

Horizon FR-II - Tiger Eye Sunburst

Horizon FR-II - See Thru Black Cherry Sunburst

E-II Horizon NT-II - See Thru Black Cherry Sunburst

ESP E-II Horizon NT-II Electric Guitar

Take the Horizon from earlier and swap the Floyd Rose for a Gotoh TOM and you have this machine. I'm leaning more towards the TOM version because of the ability to change tunings whenever. Floyd Rose Originals are INCREDIBLE, but time consuming at times. We have yet another winner here. Entire spec list is below.

Horizon NT-II

E-II Horizon-III FR - See Thru Black Sunburst

ESP E-II Horizon-III FR Electric Guitar

If you ask me, I think the Horizon-III is the most underrated body shape from ESP. I overlooked the models until last year when I spent some time with a LTD Horizon-III. Everything is crafted perfectly. How she sits in your lap, the balance when you play standing up, the quickness of the neck, the upper fret access. Everything about this guitar was built for shreddin' and they knocked it out of the park. Don't miss picking up a Horizon-III. Specs are below.

Horizon-III FR


E-II SN-2 - Black Nebula Burst

ESP E-II SN-2 Electric Guitar

I'm always a sucker for a Black Natural Burst finish over an exotic top. Please rinse and repeat this finish because it looks so dang good! Bare Knuckles?! Now we're talking. I'm personally not the biggest fan of the Snapper shape, but I'm extremely excited to let this model convince me otherwise. Entire spec list is below.


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