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NEW 2021 Jackson MJ Series! Japanese Guitars Are Back!

Finally! A price point that matches the E-IIs and Prestiges. This is something that I've been bothering my rep about for months now and they're finally here! We've been waiting for something in the upper teens and into the twenties ever since we wanted to change our focus to the "finer things." Our prayers have been answered! We haven't had the chance to touch any of these models yet, but we have high hopes! The only "wish" we have is that they went more experimental than just White and Black finishes. Although it is a very Jackson move, we were hoping for more exotic woods and extreme colors. But until then, let's get it! Here is what we pre-ordered!


MJ Misha Mansoor So-Cal 2PT - Daphne Blue

Jackson MJ Series Misha Mansoor So-Cal 2PT Electric Guitar

Is this the MJ we're most excited about? It's the MJ we're most excited about. You'll never see me buy a Strat, but if you watch Misha's video talking about this guitar you'll find the keys in your pocket with your wife yelling at you "You don't need another damn guitar!" This Strat might be cooler than the other side of the pillow. Something about a light blue and roasted Maple neck combo just looks GOOD. Gotoh 510 and Bare Knuckles? You got to be kidding me! Misha's not so enjoy it while you can! Full list of specs below.

Misha Mansoor So-Cal 2PT


MJ Soloist SL2 - Snow White & Gloss Black

Jackson MJ Series Soloist SL2 Electric Guitar

Jackson MJ Series Soloist SL2 Electric Guitar

My first thought it workhorse (I may use that term a lot, but deal with it). Neck-thru construction, Gotoh floating trem, Seymour Duncans, 3-piece maple neck. All sounds like a guitar that's built to last and built to take on stage for years. Plus you add Japanese pride and construction into a guitar and you know it's going to last. One of the more expensive MJs, but it looks like for good reason. Get you some. Full list of specs below. Same specs for each model, just different colors.

Soloist SL2 - Snow White

Soloist SL2 - Gloss Black


MJ Rhoads RRT - Gloss Black

Jackson MJ Series Rhoads RRT

Does anyone else think of Bullet For My Valentine when they see a Rhoads? I know.. probably should be thinking of Randy, but given when I grew up anytime I lay eyes on a Rhoads my first thought is Matt Tuck. I think my first riff on a guitar was Hand of Blood. Killer track! Everything regarding the guitar here seems straightforward. Now it's backed with Japanese construction which you know is going to set it apart from the Pro range!  I listed no specs here, but at least I have the link to the entire spec list below...

Rhoads RRT


MJ Dinky DKR MAH - Snow White & Gloss Black

Jackson MJ Series Dinky DKR MAH Electric Guitar

Jackson MJ Series Dinky DKR MAH Electric Guitar

If you wanted a bolt-on instead of the neck-thru on the Soloist this is your choice! 5-piece Maple/Wenge neck, Mahogany body, Duncan PUPs, Gotoh trem, etc. Straight forward axe. Simple, yet mean. Shredders delight served up right. Full list of specs below.

Dinky DKR MAH - Snow White

Dinky DKR MAH - Gloss Black

MJ Dinky DKR - Ice Blue Metallic & Satin Black

Jackson MJ Series Dinky DKR Electric Guitar

Jackson MJ Series Dinky DKR Electric Guitar

Our next combo of Dinkys throws a little bit of flavor on it. An Ice Blue Metallic and Satin Black with Yellow accents. Personally, I dig that Ice Blue! Similar specs, minus the color changes. I think this is the best combo from the MJ line! Alder bodies, DiMarzio PUPs, Gotoh trems, 5-piece necks. Again, the wow factor isn't exactly there, but I think these MJ guitars are going to blow us away with their quality and construction! Can't wait for these to come in! Full list of specs below. 

Dinky DKR - Ice Blue Metallic

Dinky DKR - Satin Black

MJ Dinky DKRP - Transparent Blue Burst

Jackson MJ Series Dinky DKRP Electric Guitar

This is the most exotic option from the MJ line! Poplar Burl, baby. I love a good burl top! I'm interested to see how this finish comes out because in these photos it looks like there's a slight green finish between the Natural and the Blue. DiMarzio PUPs and a 5-piece neck and it gives us the obvious distinction from the rest of the crowd! Minus the Misha, this is number 2 on my list! Full list of specs below.

Dinky DKRP

MJ Dinky DKRA - Matte Black Ash

Jackson MJ Series Dinky DKRA Electric Guitar

And the Ash top trend continues! It seems like every guitar released for 2020 had an Ash top on it. I've heard back and forth about people liking or not liking Ash tops. I'm on the liking it side, personally. Just the figuring of it strikes me in the right way. Number 3 on my list for the MJ line! Full list of specs below.

Dinky DKRA

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