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    TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Reverb Pedal

    $ 99.99
    Reverb is very much about space, but then again so is your pedal board. So what if we could combine unlimited space for your reverbs with a miniature footprint? What?...

    TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal

    $ 49.99
    Designing MojoMojo Overdrive was both very simple and very complex. We knew what we wanted from the start: A pedal that sounds like an amp, with a very open character...

    TC Electronic PolyTune 3 Poly-Chromatic Tuning Pedal w/ Built-in Buffer

    $ 99.99
    When it was first introduced in 2010, the original PolyTune revolutionized the way musicians tune their instruments. Praised by professional and amateur players alike, PolyTune made guitar tuning as simple...

    TC Electronic The Dreamscape John Petrucci Signature Modulation Pedal

    $ 169.99
    Great Minds Rock Alike John’s was one of the first rock stars to join our TonePrint program and his sounds proved so popular we decided to cooperate intensely and capture...

    TC Electronic Ditto Looper Pedal

    $ 99.99
      Ditto Looper is the looper you try once and love for life. And you simply gotta try it. We've taken all that is good about loopers, trimmed away all...

    TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate Multiband Noise-Gating Pedal

    $ 129.99
    Noise, You Shall Not Pass!Sentry Noise Gate is your gateway to a noise-free and fully dynamic performance. Its cutting-edge multiband technology is set to cater to all of your hum...

    TC Electronic Pipeline Tap Tremolo Pedal

    $ 129.99
    The widely anticipated Pipeline Tap Tremolo takes the vintage warmth that made the tremolo effect so iconic and pairs it with a modern edge for more radical situations. Pipeline has...

    TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper Pedal

    $ 179.99
    The original Ditto Looper rocked guitarists with a lust for looping like nothing else. Finally something that was simple, made for guitarists and sounded great. What would possibly be better?...

    TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Mini Polyphonic Tuning Pedal

    $ 89.99
    Our mission since 2010, when we first introduced Polytune to the world, has been to simply make tuning better, faster and more awesome. With Polytune 2 Mini you get a...

    TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Pedal

    $ 149.99
    The new Hall Of Fame 2 Reverb covers everything the original did and packs 3 new powerful features. The revolutionary MASH technology adds the rich and fluid articulation of an...

    TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay and Looper Pedal

    $ 169.99
    The new Flashback 2 serves up a sonic buffet of expressive delay by infusing the pressure sensitive MASH technology with our renowned delay algorithms. TC Electronic completely redeveloped our Tape and...