A rewards program that actually rewards you.

Shred Rewards is our reward program that awards you for your purchases and more. This comes at absolutely no cost to you! It's just our way of saying thanks for spending your hard-earned money with us. You can even earn Shred Points without making a purchase!

This rewards program is for everyone who enjoys Shreddin' and saving money (which is all of us here). We don't limit the points you can earn on purchases like our competitors. EVERY purchase will earn you the full amount of Shred Points. We also don't limit what you can use your Shred Points on. Your Shred Points go towards cash discounts that can be used on ANY item in our store.

Our competitors' rewards program count towards "Eligible products" that can "earn up to" the full amount of points. It's just a marketing tactic to think you're going to earn a bunch of rewards when actually all of your favorite gear is "not eligible" or don't "earn up to" the max amount of points. To top it all off, their points expire in 6 months and your account closes if it is inactive for over 12 months. Not us, we built a rewards program that actually rewards you.

Shred Rewards Benefits
  1. Everyone can join our reward program
  2. Absolutely no cost to you
  3. Simple to signup
  4. Rewards dashboard on our website
  5. No plastic cards that you need to keep on your keychain
  6. Earn points on ALL purchases, not just eligible purchases like other competitors
  7. Use your points for cash discounts on ANY item in our store, not just eligible products like other competitors
  8. Earn points without making a purchase
  9. As of now, points do NOT expire
How To Earn Points
  1. Earn 1 point for every $1 spent at Drop Dee Guitars
  2. Earn points for simply creating an account
  3. Earn points on your birthday
  4. Earn points for referring a friend who makes a purchase on our website
  5. Earn points for following our social media pages
  6. Earn points for sharing our website on your social media profiles

How To Spend Your Rewards

  1. You can spend your rewards on cash discounts for $25 off, $50 off, $100 off, $150 off, $200 off and $250 off your order. You can use those cash discounts on ANY item/order.

*Shred Points do not hold any cash value. Shred Points are specifically used to purchase cash discounts for your next order.

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