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Welcome to Drop Dee Guitars, where you'll find the finest selection of modern guitars! At Drop Dee Guitars, we pride ourselves on being the premier destination for contemporary musicians seeking cutting-edge instruments. Specializing in modern guitars, our collection is built with the brands that focus on pushing guitar design to new heights. Exotic woods, extended ranges, multi-scales, headless models, asymmetric necks, etc. Drop Dee Guitars is your ultimate resource for instruments that go beyond the ordinary and continue to push the boundaries of the guitar. 


We look forward to hooking you up with your next modern piece! 

Matt Dee, Owner

My first guitar? A red BC Rich Warlock with the white tribal design. It doesn't get anymore hardcore than that... The best part of the story? When the guitar came in the mail the box showed a black guitar so my mom wouldn't let me open it until my dad got home.

  • Favorite Guitar Brand: ESP
  • Favorite Band: Whitechapel
  • Skills on The Guitar: Yikes
  • How Did You Get Into Guitar: Guitar Hero - smoked all of the other kids in the neighborhood

Kristen Dee, The Boss

Does K play guitar? No. Has K learned the different brands we carry and their differences? Yes. Will she suggest a guitar for you based on looks? Absolutely. Best salesperson on the floor.

  • Favorite Guitar Brand: Jackson
  • Favorite Band: Airborne Toxic Event
  • Skills on The Guitar: Even more yikes
  • How Did You Get Into Guitar: She didn't

Rue, Artist Relations

Rue takes his job very seriously. Our artists would constantly tell us that Rue is very roof to get along with. You don't want to get on his bad side. We'd recommend starting with a treat or frisbee.

  • Favorite Guitar Brand: Ibark
  • Favorite Band: Barking Benjamin
  • Skills on The Guitar: Ate 3 of them
  • How Did You Get Into Guitar: Roof childhood

Happy Customers

575+ 5-Star Reviews on

  • Skervesen Mirage 6

    The level of care and customer service of this transaction has been the best I've ever seen. The treatment provided (even as this was my first purchase) was that of a person of meaning. I was heard, quick to recieve a response, blessed with favor, updated with scheduling, recieved swiftly, and the packaging was astounding to a degree unlike any other. Purchase with confidence, purchase in frequency, purchase in abundance. Allow this business to flourish and grow to an astounding degree.

  • Ormsby Hype GTR Elite II

    First time ordering from Drop Dee Guitars and I am nothing short of impressed! Fast shipping and high quality selection. My new guitar arrived in beautiful condition. Its no wonder the ratings are so great with this store! Thanks for the great new gear!

  • Legator N8FOD 

    I wish I could give 20 stars. Class act, amazing communication, and follow through. Has seriously went above and beyond what I would expect from any shop. Drop Dee Guitars has my business going forward!

  • Balaguer DDG Exclusive Run Diablo

    Drop Dee Guitars are awesome! This is my second purchase from them. Both guitars have been set up perfectly out of the box! Highly recommend!!!

  • Chapman Ghost Fret

    Fantastic!! Sound and playability are great! Hand written note from seller appreciating the purchase, just adding that personal touch. Guitar showed up right on time (Wednesday), and debuted at a gig on Saturday! The guitar got a LOT of love that night. Thanks guys.

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